Earl's Home Page


In Memory of

"Hurricane" Earl

Born - Sometime in 1997

Adopted - June, 1998

Died - January 31, 2002

Earl was a beautiful gold and white cat who was abandoned when he was just over a year old. He was found by an animal rescue organization, from which I adopted him. He turned out to be a wonderfully playful and intelligent guy. Words just don't do him justice.

In late December 2001, when he was only about five years old, Earl was diagnosed with "Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anemia" (also known as "Immune-Moderated Pancytopenia"). This is a rare disease that caused his immune system to destroy his red blood cells. Earl put up a good fight for over a month, but in the end he couldn't overcome the disease, so now he's pouncing in Paradise!


How does this grab you?


"Mister Squinch" Takes A Catnap!


"Yum! Tasty cables! My favorite!"


Chandra and Earl

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