Review Exercises and Technical Goodies

Revised June 27, 2018

Write it 1024 times!

Practice makes perfect!

Cisco Certification Stuff (CCENT/CCNA):

BGP Stuff:

Hot Keys and More!

Interesting Facts About The Internet:

Telnet to a live Internet core router!

Note: These are not web sites, you are accessing the router via Telnet. The BGP database contains several hundred thousand prefixes, so commands that require sorting may require a little time to process (and you're probably not the only person logged in).

When you get in, try some "show" commands, like the following (remember that when at the "--More--" prompt, hit the "Enter" key to see the next line, the spacebar to see the next screen, and any other key to get back to the command prompt):

Data-Link Layer:

IP Network Layer Protocols:

IP Transport Layer Protocols:

Routing Protocols:

MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching):

Algorithms and Related Stuff:

Internet Administration (RFC's, Drafts, ASN's, etc) and Technical Standards:

Can't get enough of that Cisco stuff?

Humorous RFC's (Check These Out!) ...

Other Interesting Stuff ...

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