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Cute and Clever!
In the Control Room at Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station
(That's me in the yellow sweater, standing on the left!)


Senior Instructor, Alchemy Inc., Springfield, VA. July 1997 to present. Conducted hands-on training on LAN/WAN system design and implementation. Currently teaching various Cisco courses:


Specialist in IP routing protocols (BGP, EIGRP, IS-IS, MPLS, OSPF and RIP) on Cisco routers and switches (STP, VLANs). Past Course Director for Global Knowledge (GK) BGP and ROUTE classes, authored current GK BGP and ROUTE Lab Guides.

Education Center Manager, Orange Technologies, Springfield, VA. September 1995 to July 1997. Designed and managed multi-classroom computer networking education and testing center. Scheduled classes, supervised staff and contract instructors and administrative personnel. Installed, managed and conducted staff and client training on NetWare and Windows operating systems.

Technical Instructor, Orange Systems, Gaithersburg, MD. March 1995 to September 1995. Installed, administered and conducted staff and client training on NetWare, Windows and DOS operating systems; Ethernet, ARCnet and Token Ring topologies; theory and operations of LAN/WAN connectivity; hardware configuration and troubleshooting.

Radiometrics Manager, SCIENTECH, Gaithersburg, MD. December 1992 to January 1995. Installed and administered NetWare ARCNet/Ethernet LAN. Supervised staff and contract employees. Administered Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and software QA program. Calibrated, operated and maintained electronic, computer and mechanical and radiation measurement equipment. Authored and revised numerous radiochemistry procedures and software systems (BASIC, C, Clipper, FORTRAN, Pascal), including custom gamma spectroscopy software (ALCAL). Implemented hundreds of process improvements, performed extensive trend analysis and process troubleshooting. Provided radiation protection support for laboratory operations. Conducted staff and client training on equipment, software, procedures and theory.

Nuclear Chemistry Technician, Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station, Fort Calhoun, NE. October 1988 to August 1991. Managed Chemistry Department VAX/VMS and PDP computers, DECNet Ethernet LAN. Designed and implemented various software systems, including radioactive effluent monitoring, instrument QA and chemical inventory control. Operated, calibrated and maintained radiation measurement systems and process monitors. Authored and revised radiometric and radiochemistry procedures.

Senior Audio Technician, Music Department, University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN. September 1986 to February 1988. Provided sound reinforcement and recording for musical events, in-house and touring. Operated, calibrated and maintained signal-processing and sound reinforcement equipment, including amplifiers, mixing consoles, tape recorders, effects modules, microphones, cabling and speakers.

Teaching Assistant, English Department, University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN. November 1984 to May 1985. Provided students with hands-on training in use of DOS-based word processing software and PC hardware. Maintained computer equipment, managed hardware and software inventories.

Leading Petty Officer, Reactor Laboratory Division, U.S. Navy, U.S.S. South Carolina (CGN-37). October 1980 to September 1982. Supervised chemistry, radiological controls and maintenance for shipboard nuclear plants. Scheduled plant operations, and conducted training for twenty person Reactor Laboratory division. Performed chemical analyses and radiation surveys, monitored personnel dosimetry. Operated, maintained and calibrated reactor plant equipment. Compiled reports and wrote procedures.

Staff Instructor, S1C Nuclear Power Training Unit, U.S. Navy, Windsor, CT. November 1978 to September 1980. Supervised and conducted training in the chemical, radiological, mechanical and integrated operation of nuclear power plants. Scheduled and performed maintenance, wrote procedures, provided radiochemistry and radiation safety support. Operated, maintained and calibrated reactor plant equipment.





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